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Published on June 6th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Character Building Army Packs

Doctor Who Character Building Army Packs
While there’s no new micro-figures or sets to report about, we can tell you about the latest developments from Character Building, the organization behind the hit Doctor Who almost-Legos… and they’re called Army Packs!

Are you a youngster (for real or at heart) wishing to expand the number of desperate predicaments your micro-figure Doctor finds himself in even though all you’ve got to challenge him is one measly Dalek?  Fret no more!  Now you’ve got a much better shot at exterminating, deleting, or time-displacing our hero with Character Building’s bags of five Daleks, Cybermen, or Weeping Angels!

Sorry, is this reading like a TV advert?  Lets be honest here; these Army Packs won’t really get you anything new or particularly exciting at all… they’re just more of the same product in a slightly different shrinkwrap.  And it’s not clear at the moment whether the Army Pack Daleks will be available in a color that isn’t red.  But if you and/or your kid feels a need to add to your/his/her collection of miniaturized editions of Doctor Who’s deadliest, and you’re willing to pay a tenner for five of the same thing, then by all means stop by your neighborhood Forbidden Planet and expand your set!

One catch though – you won’t be able to do that until at least July 1st, when the packs arrive in the Forbidden Planet warehouse.  If you’re really, really excited about these things, you can always fork over £9.99 for an online pre-order… but quite frankly we don’t expect them to sell out on the launch date.



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  1. avatar Dalek Space Marine says:

    I went to Forbidden Planet and had a feel of each packet, the fat ones are Daleks! I’ve been re-painting them and have even made a heavy weapons Dalek from them. Hey, a Dalek for £2.00? You can’t go to far wrong with that!

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