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Published on June 1st, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Barrowman Finally Loses It! (Video)

We told you some months ago about John Barrowman’s appearance on the Goodnight Burbank show (with plenty of mentions during our recent podkast with show boss Hayden Black) and now, finally, we can bring you the segment, in which the Torchwood and Doctor Who star is interviewed via satellite, with some rather shocking results…

A word of warning – the popular actor and presenter seriously kicks off in this clip. We’re not sure how he will deal with the reaction to it :(, but watch out for some bad press.

Clearly Barrowman was caught off-guard by the interviewer, and perhaps he shouldn’t have reacted badly to her initial demeanour, but blimey! What was he thinking?

[spoiler ]
Obviously, Goodnight Burbank is a spoof show – John Barrowman loves all of the shows he appears in, but isn’t this clip great?
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7 Responses to Barrowman Finally Loses It! (Video)

  1. avatar BJAMES says:

    That was hilarious! She is Miracle Laurie, who appeared as a regular character on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. John never fails to entertain…………

  2. avatar Rick says:

    Seemed like they went to a fair bit of trouble for a laugh—and kind of came up empty but I imagine there’ll be some who actually take it seriously.

  3. avatar BJAMES says:

    And the first woman is Laura Silverman, Sarah Silverman’s sister…………..

  4. Indeed it is – Laura also appears in the podKast that we link to at the top

  5. avatar johnoed says:

    This is great. I think John Barrowman is best when he’s playing John Barrowman. Goodnight Burbank has a lot of great comedians. It’s really smart stuff.

  6. avatar domino says:

    Hee hee! John Barrowman is great fun, and that was very funny – love ‘im! :)

  7. avatar 23skidoo says:

    Ya had me going there for a second! (Well, until I saw the intro to the video!) That was hilarious.

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