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Published on June 23rd, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

Another Miracle Day Preview

With the change of scenery, a new cast and yet another change to the format it would be unwise not to approach Torchwood: Miracle Day with caution. However, as you might have seen from our own preview, it looks as though the show has pretty much survived its migration to the USA.

This is backed up by Den of Geek who have an early spoiler-free review that makes the case for the confident, new cross-Atlantic hub of Torchwood.

The review is quick to praise the ambition of series creator and writer Russell T. Davies whose writing gets the balance of outlining the big themes behind this seasons threat – the human race suddenly finds itself immortal – with a broader canvas and characteristic humour.

Anyone worried about the ‘Americanisation’ of the show can align their fears:

“It’s Americanised to an extent, but mainly in the sense that that’s where the story’s primarily taking place. And it boasts a series of sequences that instantly manage to show off the increased bank balance behind the show. The money, thus far, has been well spent. And filming action sequences in Wales does wonders for the wind-swept look, clearly.”

While hamstrung by potential spoilers the review offers some careful praise of the new cast- particularly Alexa Havin’s Esther Drummond- who bags the lion share of the episodes funniest moments.

But it’s the old guard of John Barrowman’s Captain Jack, Eve Myles’ Gwen Cooper and Kai Owen’s Rhys that impress the most:

“Owen mixes humour with an earnest, and a real sense of drive about keeping his character’s marriage in tact. Barrowman has immense presence in pretty much every scene he’s in, here, and pitches his character expertly, as you’d expect. And Eve Myles? She’s just brilliant. Whoever Hollywood producers cast in the planned reboot of the Tomb Raider movie franchise, I’m fully confident that Myles could kick their ass. Twice. Before breakfast.”

While its still a case of all these wheels finding traction there’s enough in this first episode to suggest that the game being set up by Davies will be worth sticking with over the coming ten weeks:

“The opening of Miracle Day sees Torchwood in confident form. There are big themes developing here, in an episode that’s very much setting the scene for what’s to come. And Davies gets his mix right. It feels slightly different from Torchwood of old, but then that’s what it should be. The goalposts have changed, the production has escalated, and the ambition of the show’s storytelling has increased with it.

I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing what’s coming next. For after this opening episode, I’m fully on board.”

And so, for all, are we!


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One Response to Another Miracle Day Preview

  1. avatar ChrisL says:

    Another encouraging review, which is great to see. However, my biggest concern is the lack of a specific date for the UK airing of this new series.

    A few years ago it wouldn’t have mattered when a particular show was aired in each country, but since the proliferation of websites dealing with the whole Dr Who/Torchwood universe, (not to mention twitter), information and plot details are guaranteed to hit the net like a tsunami of spoilers within minutes.

    It will be virtually impossible to remain spoiler free thanks to the BBC seemingly being taken by surprise by the release of Torchwood: Miracle Day and as a result are struggling to fit it into their schedule.
    Naturally this will dilute the pleasure of the British viewers, without whom the show would have shriveled and died during its formative years, and is in effect treating us as second class viewers.

    It seems once again I will have to cut myself off from any website even remotely linked with Dr Who & Torchwood, as well as removing the large number of Who-related Tweeters from my phone if I am to have the pleasure of enjoying Torchwood as it was meant to be seen.
    This can’t be right, surely.

    Not only am I a licence fee payer, but also a loyal viewer of the show, and it disgusts me to be treated this way.
    Is The BBC being run by amateurs these days? First we have the debacle over the lack of Dr Who in 2012, in which different parts of the corporation contradicted each other, and now this!

    I often wondered what the end of a tether looked like – now I know, ‘cos I have definitely reached mine!

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