Torchwood: Meme-cle Day

New Meme’s for Torchwood: Miracle Day have been popping up everywhere in ancitipation of the shows return to our screens this summer- following on from the eighth of a second footage from the BBC ‘s Original British Drama trailer.

First up John Horatio Barrowman has been chatting to Laura Saltman on the appallingly Brass-Eye titled Dish of Salt for Access Hollywood.

Talking on set Barrowman let slip that fans will need to be there every week as the drama unfolds to keep up with the plot and that Captain Jack’s bedroom antics won’t be toned down for the shows debut on Starz.

Which seems like an odd question when cable networks are far more liberally minded when it comes to adult content and that Starz’s, the network co-producing Torchwood with BBC Worldwide,  is the home of Spartacus: Boobs and Sand.

Another clip, this time from with Executive Producer Julie Gardner and star Bill Pullman (Independence Day) joining Barrowman (who’s a massive ham in this video) to chat about the ‘onscreen value’  brought by Starz involvement and, more intriguingly, a little snippet of just who Pullman’s character Oswald Danes (a child molester who survives his own execution)  is, and what happens around him.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is set to air simultaneously on BBC One in the UK and on the Starz Network in the US in July.


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