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Published on May 25th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Surprises in Store in A Good Man Goes to War!

So we’ve covered the basics for The Almost People – so what about A Good Man Goes to War? As regular readers probably know, we tend to feature episode previews in something resembling order, so we won’t be throwing any full previews at you just yet until we’ve found out what happens to the Doctor, Amy, Rory and The Almost People.

However, it seems that following the news that the Cybermen are returning in episode 7, more leaks and speculation are floating all over the place. Just so you get the full picture, the BBC are releasing preview discs only to newspapers and the most trusted websites this week and next pretty much means most Doctor Who sites are out (yes, even us). The fact that they are taking such steps is pretty cool, however, as it means the spoilers should remain shrouded in secrecy until broadcast (the Daily Mail notwithstanding)

We don’t want anyone to run into this news accidentally, so let’s say a big welcome to our new spoiler tool!

[spoiler ]According to, A Good Man Goes to War features guest appearances from Hugh Bonneville and Oscar Lloyd as Henry and Toby Avery, who you will recall from episode 3, The Curse of the Black Spot. [/spoiler]

Wow! Interesting stuff there, we’re sure you’ll agree!


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3 Responses to Surprises in Store in A Good Man Goes to War!

  1. avatar Laz says:

    I wonder what websites are more trusted than you guys… I can think of a few as much trusted, but more? :-)

    PS: Of course the spoiler shows up in the feed! There might be a way to keep it completely hidden there… it would also drive people who want to read it to the site. ;-)

  2. Hey Laz! Thanks for your kind words :)

    Re: the spoiler – back to the drawing board I guess!

  3. avatar krumstets says:

    Thanks for changing the spoiler button. I can access it from my Android phone at last …Hurrah.

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