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Published on May 16th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Silence in the Museum

You probably won’t remember much from your next trip to the Doctor Who Experience exhibition in London.  Presumably, especially if you’ve been there before and have already seen the other Whoniverse artifacts, you’ll spend much of your visit staring at the Silence, so that when you finally decide to leave, it’ll be like you were never there!

See, the prophecy given by Prisoner Zero at the very beginning of Matt Smith’s tenure, “Silence will fall,” has proven to be quite accurate.  The Silence really did fall.  They fell so hard that in order to make it in the present economy, they have to stand around as museum attractions just to rake in a few extra quid.  The BBC hopes this addition to the Doctor Who Experience will increase ticket sales to repeat attendees who show up again (and again) simply because they forgot they already went.

We Kasterborites have doubted for a while now that we’ve seen the last of the Silence in the TV series, and Matt Smith is doing nothing to convince us otherwise.  Upon being asked if the Silence will be the next great iconic enemy for Doctor Who, Smith said:

“I think they will.  The Weeping Angels were my favourite to face but I think The Silents are now, because a) they’re just so clever and b) the way that Steven has just woven them into the whole narrative is just really, really brilliant.  They’re a cracking monster.”

Ahem.  The WHOLE narrative.  They didn’t all die in 1969 America.

You don’t have to wait for their next TV appearance if you want proof of that.  You can see some 2011 Silence right here in the UK at the Doctor Who Experience in London’s Olympia 2 venue.  Ticketing information can be found at the exhibition website.

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  1. avatar Rick says:

    Seems to me that the whole thrust of series 31 was that a future version of The Silence was what attacked the Doctor with the crack in the wall, exploding Tardis, etc., all as revenge for what he engineered in the series opener this year. So yeah, I get the feeling that the silence will indeed be back and will be back BIG.

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