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Published on May 7th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Murder in the Eccles Town!

He’s been the villain in a zombie apocalypse nightmare (28 Days Later), an adulterous plumber (Accused), the second-most-brilliant man in the universe (Lennon Naked), and the most brilliant man in the universe (take a wild guess Who that is).  Where can Christopher Eccleston take his career after having mastered all those characters?  Why don’t we make him a mayor?

That’s exactly the job his new character, Daniel Demoys, is campaigning for in the upcoming psycho-thriller on BBC One called The Fuse.  However, Daniel’s not just any mayoral candidate.  He’s a mayoral candidate who murdered someone while he was drunk.  Now, most people who accidentally kill someone aren’t going to be too excited by the fact that they’ve done so, but since Daniel’s a politician, his prospects are pretty bleak.  That is until he saves another person from being shot and sees a potential chance for redemption.  Is that something he will receive?  We don’t know, and we wouldn’t tell you if you did.  You’ll have to watch and find out.

Here’s Chris:

“Bill [Gallagher] has written a fantastic five-episode drama about obsession, addiction and redemption. I can’t wait.”

Normally this last paragraph would be filled with the time The Fuse will be on, but from the sound of things they haven’t even started filming yet, so an air date is probably at the very back of the Beeb’s mind.  One thing’s for sure though – this is a role that (a) we’re not surprised at all to see Eccleston take and (b) we’re sure he’ll do brilliantly in.  We’ll just have to await the finished product to find out.

(via the Mirror)


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