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Published on May 9th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Infographs Through Time!

Some people are creative, talented and meticulous in detail to the point where it actually makes you a little bit jealous.

In particular, we’re talking about the good people at Scifi Now Magazine who have put together a brilliant infograph based on events in the Doctor’s life from the First Doctor all the way up to the Eleventh.

A picture of each Doctor stands side by side. Above them, their details and even their most remembered spoken phrases. Overlaid on this is information about friends and enemies that the Doctor has encountered as well as real life events that shaped the TV series as it developed over the years.

In Doctor Who terms, it’s a work of art. The attention to detail is wonderful and all the information is easy to understand and not at all confusing for readers of any age.

This is something that you just have to see for yourself. Ok, if you’re a hardened Doctor Who fan then there may not be much in the way of new information (unless you can tell us the exact amount of screen hours that each Doctor has had. No? The infograph can…) but you should definitely check it out for the sheer effort that has gone into making it in the first place.

For all those that want to have a closer look you can find this nifty little piece in the newest issue of Scifi Now Magazine (Issue 53) which is available, like,  now. Or you could just view it at, at your own convenience…


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One Response to Infographs Through Time!

  1. avatar QuiteRight says:

    It is lovely… but… they can’t spell Nyssa – and there’s something funny going on with her ‘section’… and what’s going on with Liz Shaw… Hadn’t realised Jamie had left before Zoe or that Liz had teamed up with the Doctor prior to him regenerating into JP??

    Niggles I’m sure but if you’re going to do something as cool and useful as this would you not at least check it before putting it out for publication?

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