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Published on April 30th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Who Is the “Little Girl”?

We’ll have a full review of Day of the Moon later in the weekend, but in the mean time – just who is that little girl?

And how did she do THAT?!

We’ll make the warning now: if you’re still waiting to watch Doctor Who, hit one of the links on the right, because there are spoilers ahoy!

Anyone expecting to find some answers as to what Amy did to the little girl in the spacesuit at the end of The Impossible Astronaut will have a long wait, just as they will to see a answers to the whole lot of questions that were posed in this fast-paced episode that eventually saw the Doctor defeat the Silence (or did it?).

Here are a few questions we would like to see the answer to:

Who is the little regenerating girl (kind of an obvious question)?

What happened during the three months between The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon?

Why was Amy “still dreaming” according to the eye-patched Frances Barber (who apparently doesn’t appear for several episodes yet…)?

Where did the Silence find dwarf star alloy if they needed mankind to get to the moon?

How many conspiracy websites is Steven Moffat a member of?

What is going on with Amy’s pregnancy?

Who owns the Lodger TARDIS?

Does the Doctor really die as shown in the opening ten minutes of The Impossible Astronaut?

My own personal theory is that the events in The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon – a two part adventure that Steven Moffat described as being “like a season-finale” – are in fact the Series 6 finale, or certainly an aspect of it.

No doubt we will see the answers unfold over the coming weeks…

Feel free to offer us your own questions…


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2 Responses to Who Is the “Little Girl”?

  1. avatar kassielisa says:

    i have a theory that the little girl in doctor who series 6 could be river song (or melody pond as we know) because if you have a look on wikipedia at melody pond’s page it says at she could be a time lord so she might regenerate which is what the little girl did.

    i still don’t know and you can’t always trust wikipedia but it sheems logical


  2. avatar pandakin says:

    basically it must be melody pond / river song. we know that river is going to kill the doctor eventually and since they burned him on a boat it stands to reason that the time won’t be rewritten (rewriting being impossible as they all witnessed the doctor’s demise already). furhtermore amy pond’s horrified face (as in “i shot at my own daughter”) in the day of the moon combined with the little girl’s ability to regenerate (conveniantly shown after amy discussing with the doctor that her travelling with him for so long would had have altering effects on an embryo) are nicely placed clues.

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