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Published on April 17th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Watch Till You Drop!

It seems that this year in Doctor Who land there are enough promotional videos for Series 6 to make up the length of an entire episode.  And most of them seem to be coming from BBC America, which makes perfect sense given that in the US, while wildly popular among cult sci-fi fans, the show has yet to come close the respected status it has in the UK.  Anyway, here’s a big roundup of vids from BBC America and others that you might not have seen yet…

If I Had a Time Machine

The TARDIS trio (Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill) have all been asked the very Whovian question of when they would go if they had a means of transcending the fourth dimension.  While some of their responses, like Arthur’s, are sensible enough, others are a little more on the unusual(ly awesome) side:

Matt’s answer to this question, at the time of writing, is nowhere to be seen, though BBC America claims it exists.  One can only assume they’ve yet to post it.  However, there is a rather interesting bonus video where Executive Producer Steven Moffat gives his take!

47 Years in 6 Minutes

This video was fashioned by the rather eccentric Fine Brothers, intended to be an incredibly fast-paced summary of the entire televised series from An Unearthly Child to A Christmas Carol (with a perhaps unintended focus on the post-Eccleston era).  Personally, we wouldn’t recommend  that you show this video to any potential new fans who aren’t geeks, but if you yourself feel you need a refresher course before The Impossible Astronaut, here you go:

Eleven Ways to Sonic

This one’s another BBC America creation, a compilation of scenes from the Matt Smith run of eleven uses for the sonic screwdriver:

Sadly, as it’s only the Eleventh Doctor’s episodes that are covered, there are still plenty of excellent actions the sonic screwdriver can perform that have fallen by the wayside.  Resonating concrete, anyone?

And More!

We’ve already posted these ones before, but if you’ve just returned from a vacation on Saturn here’s some other great Series 6 promotional vids you can’t miss!

I can personally affirm from experience last week that the Doctor Who Insider Part Two clip from BBC America is an effective way to explain the concept of regeneration to new fans who have no previous experience with the show, without having to actually say anything!  Just in case you were wondering.

The Impossible Astronaut airs this Saturday, April 23rd at 6pm on BBC One and BBC One HD in the UK, 9/8 central on BBC America in the US, and 8/7 central on SPACE in Canada.

(With thanks to Rory. No, not that one.)


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