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Published on April 28th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

The Master Will See You Now…

John Simm made an appearance on The One Show this week, where he revealed that he would “certainly consider” returning as the Master in Doctor Who.

Simm was last seen in The End of Time Part Two, where he sent Rassilon and the Time Lords back into the time-locked Time War where they rightly belonged. But what became of the Master after that? Well, in all honesty no one knows.

The Master has always found a way back into the Doctor’s life, evading a natural death in The Deadly Assassin and The Keeper of Traken, inexplicably evading his crispy doom in Planet of Fire and even evading total extermination by the Daleks on Skaro in the TV Movie. So logically it would not be that hard to bring him back to menace the eleventh Doctor and his friends.

Simm revealed that:

“There seems to have been a lot of talking about it recently, but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it.”

Now, if there’s talking about it, it looks like it may be all the more likely. Matt Smith revealed that he would like a rematch against the Master and it’s definitely something that Steven Moffat could write a beast of a script for.

But the real question is how much more of the Simm model do we want to see? Certainly his portrayal of the psychotic Time Lord was fantastic but it was paired evenly with David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. So is it now naturally time for the Simm model to regenerate into a Master that reflects Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor?

We’ll just have to wait and see….


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7 Responses to The Master Will See You Now…

  1. avatar IanOTimelord says:

    I think Simm is doing a Billie Piper and is desperate for work. The other day in the Manchester evening news he said he had wished they had done another Life on Mars series.
    I would rather he didn’t come back. Or if he does gets killed off and a new actor takes over.

  2. avatar 23skidoo says:

    Simm was fantastic as the Master, but just as Doctors don’t stay forever, I think they should have a new actor for Matt Smith’s Doctor. Considering the Master’s regenerations have never really played by the rules (remember Bruce the paramedic and Tremas?), I could see them giving The Master that regeneration sex change some want to see happen to the Doctor.

  3. avatar ChameleonCircut says:

    They should keep Simm, he’s the best Master in my opinion and his acting is just the best. Granted he worked close to perfectly when partnered with David Tennant but I can’t help but feel that there’s hidden darkness behind how Moffat is writing the 11th Doctor that would make it work some how.

  4. avatar Tim says:

    I just can’t help but think, though I love his version of the Master, Mat smith’s Doctor would walk all over him. David Tennant’s Doctor and John Simm’s master were so matched because they were both so childish. And John like David suffered from the particularly mediocre writing of the Davies era. I think when pitted against such a predictable human version of the master Matt Smith would absolutely wipe the floor with him. The 11th Doctor needs someone cleverer and more twisted.

    • avatar John says:

      Mediocre writing?
      David Tennant was one of the best Doctors (the first one being Tom Baker, in my opinion)
      And Davies is way btter than Moffat

      • avatar Tim says:

        Oh I love Tennant don’t get me wrong, and childish was the wrong word, youthful is probably much better, or child-like. I didn’t mean it with negative connotations. Tennant’s Doctor just got a bit one note towards the end, but I think that was influenced by the writing and directing more than any acting fault on his part.

        And as for the writing, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think the only problem with Moffat is he sets up to many story-lines that actor’s contracts terminate before they can be resolved. But some people prefer the episodic style of Davies. To each their own.

        And undoubtedly the series has gotten much better production values since Moffat took over.

        • avatar potatobanana says:

          It has? I remember certain episodes having pseudo newscasts that were very elaborately done and made the effort to span the world (such as with Army of Ghosts) to place emphasis on the severity of the situation. Moffat’s effort typically consists of a channel on local news or a crowd of 5-10 (which is supposed to represent a massive number)–it makes the scenario seem a lot less significant and, therefore, the story is less immersive.

          I also really, really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate that there is little to no reference or care to the doctor’s previous companions made since Moffat took over, it’s like he tried to erase them all from existence. Holograms in the TARDIS and Eleven saying,”guilt lol” doesn’t count, IMO. And for those who say that even older companions hadn’t been brought back, so why should people expect Ten’s buddies to show up?: Sarah Jane, K9 AND this whole series was a relaunch, so it made sense for the companions to be revamped at the -beginning-. Secondly, for those who say,”well, it’s a new doctor and he’s trying to forget his past and the pain associated with it by ignoring it entirely.”: Silence in the Library? River Song rambles off something to Donna about how much the Doctor spoke about her.

          I hate how some of the storylines seemed to consist of nothing more than taking an element like the weeping angels (and don’t get me wrong, Blink is one of my favourite episodes) and throwing it all over the place just because it might be well received. I miss cohesive story and I hate Clara so very much.

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