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Published on April 29th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

The Critical Fan’s Guide

Doctor Who 2010 bookSo you’ve finished reading Ultimate Regeneration and you’ve become so addicted to new series critiques that you want a fan-written take on Matt Smith’s first episodes as well.  Where do you turn?

Why not send a few quid through publisher Punked Books to authors Steven Cooper and Kevin Mahoney and order a copy of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who 2010: The Critical Fan’s Guide to Matt Smith’s First Series (unauthorized)?

The co-writers summarize, critique, and generally help you wrap your head around Doctor Who’s 31st season, as well as The Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death of the Doctor (guest-starring Matt Smith) and Who holiday special A Christmas Carol in 75,000 words.  The book looks at many of 2010′s more controversial Doctor Who moments, from the colorful new Daleks to Amy’s make-out session with the Doctor, as well as the fan-applauded concepts, like the cracks in the universe and the return of the Weeping Angels, which features on the cover.  In doing so, Cooper and Mahoney draw on years of experience as Who enthusiasts to bring you the most comprehensive and in-depth take on Chapter 1 of the Moffat era so far.

You can order a printed copy from Amazon for only £7.99, or get one for your Kindle, iPad, Nook, or other e-reader at your device’s respective store for just £2.99!  Also, we’re working on giving this book the Kasterborous review treatment, so stay tuned!


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