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Published on April 26th, 2011 | by Meredith Burdett

Swinging Shrimpton for Gillan

Most people have a large and extensive wish list when it comes to things that they would like to see in Doctor Who. The full realisation of The Time War, the return of the Ice Warriors, all eleven Doctors in one room together, and the list goes on and on.

But co star of the new series Karen Gillan has a simple idea: that an episode of Doctor Who should be set in the swinging sixties!

As wishes go it’s not something that is terribly hard to achieve, it wasn’t utilised to the its maximum extent but there was certainly the 1966 setting for The War Machines with William Hartnell that had The Inferno Club with its (not so) trippy hippies.

Gillan’s statement stemmed from the fact that she is currently preparing for her newest role in BBC Four’s Shrimpton, which is set in the 1960’s.

This is her first piece of work that she will have undertaken since filming for Doctor Who and naturally the actress is excited to get her teeth into a role that is slightly different:

“When that script came along I was like, ‘This is perfect for the first thing that I do after I finish Doctor Who‘”.

Note how she uses the phrase “after I finish Doctor Who”, what with the revelation in The Impossible Astronaut that Amy is pregnant could we be about to see a departure for Karen from the good ship TARDIS?

Hopefully not, she is probably just talking about after she’s finished this series before she goes onto the next. But it’s always nice to have the speculation…


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2 Responses to Swinging Shrimpton for Gillan

  1. avatar 23skidoo says:

    Yeah, that’s gonna get the speculators going. And the fact her filming is happening in May apparently, which is when DW is still filming (according to the fact the Today Show is visiting the set May 6). But it doesn’t mean anything. Remember Arthur Darvill left for a few weeks, too. Maybe we’re heading into a “search for Amy” or “everyone thinks she’s dead” scenario. On the other hand, considering that only Billie Piper completed more than one season as a full-time companion in the revival era, and even in the classic series it was common for companions to only stay for a season or so, it wouldn’t be surprising for Karen, a rising star if ever there was one, to move on to other things. Likewise, much as he says he’d like to, I wouldn’t put heavy money on Matt Smith staying even as long as Tennant did – the temptations of Hollywood and other projects could become too great.

    • avatar katieellislover says:

      See for you self, from the one and only Matt Smith!!! proof that the amazing Karen Gillan is not going any where!!!

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