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Published on April 23rd, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Spoiler-Free Astronaut Hints

The Metro (a free newspaper for commuting Londoners in the morning for all you overseas readers) has released a little spoiler free article ahead of the new series of Doctor Who. And in a nice twist it goes against what other newspapers tend to do the day before a new episode of Doctor Who comes out, by not spoiling a major plot point!

The paper gives us six bullet points which will not hamper your viewing enjoyment tonight.

  1. The first is that there are no possessed astronauts in this episode. No Ambassadors of Death here but a new and exciting threat. Word is that there’s something weird in the spacesuit, we’ll have to find out what tonight…
  2. President Richard Nixon is apparently a nice man. The President and the Doctor (now that’s a slutty title Mr Moffat!), there’s bound to be some good back and forth their but apparently he’s quite a cheery fellow in this story, rather than the piece of work that he was in real life.
  3. Some of the characters have strange markings on their faces that look a bit like cuts. Yes they do. They do it to themselves and apparently the reason they do it is the most unsettling…
  4. Matt Smith is naked in the first scene. If that’s your cup of tea then you’re about to have a very nice Saturday.
  5. “Open the swimming pool doors!” Is a line from the series opener that apparently leads to maybe the “greatest visual gag of the show’s history”. We heard about the pool in The Eleventh Hour and we haven’t seen it since The Invasion of Time. Hopefully it’s coming back…
  6. Fish fingers and custard. This is something that Amy swears on to get the Doctor to trust her. You may have already seen this snippet on the BBC’s Doctor Who website. Apparently it’s a key plot scene, looks like it as well…

So there you have it, some nice spoiler free spoilers to whet your appetite until tonight at 6pm when we start a brand new adventure with the Eleventh Doctor and friends. And you know what? Things are going to get very, very dark…

Doctor Who starts tonight at 6pm on BBC One with The Impossible Astronaut, and you can also catch the episode on BBC America and Space this evening in your local timezone.


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