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Published on April 14th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

So That’s Where the Ducks Went…

Ever wonder what happened to the ducks in Leadworth’s duck pond?  Most people seem to be under the misled impression that they fell into a crack in the fabric of reality and were erased from existence, but in fact they simply climbed into boxes to be purchased by nerds and hygiene-lovers alike!

If you haven’t been coveting Ducktor Who, the ultimate Whovian bath-time experience, it’s because you haven’t heard of it yet.  Guess what – you have now, so start salivating!

Although, come to think of it, Ducktor Who is really nothing more than a normal rubber duck with a Tom Baker scarf painted on it that comes in a TARDIS-themed box.  And to be honest, its Star Wars predecessors had better designs (you should see the Darth Vader one).  But it’s the idea of a Doctor-Who-themed rubber duck that counts, right?

We haven’t mentioned the best part yet… this duck can regenerate!  Okay, not so much regenerate as change colour upon contact with water thanks to LED lights hidden inside.  The battery life allows this effect to last for about 180 baths, or roughly half a year’s worth, assuming you clean yourself once a day.

Ducktor Who can be purchased for just £6.99 at the Forbidden Planet website.  Combine that with this handy TARDIS soap and your adventures in tub and space will never come to an end!

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