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Published on April 16th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Relative Dimension in Cyberspace

Just when you thought they’d run out of household objects to turn into TARDISes, someone came up with the best idea yet – the police box as personal computer.

It makes the cookie jar look like a shoe box.  It makes the door frame look one-dimensional.  It makes the levitating desktop gizmo look like… actually, that’s still pretty cool.  But you get the point.

This TARDIS PC case mod, seen here at Gadgets and Gizmos, is currently just a prototype, so it won’t be for sale for a while, but as the BBC has given the OK to commission this product, we’ve no doubt it’ll hit online and perhaps physical stores eventually.

It’s turned on by pressing down on the TARDIS beacon on top, causing the beacon to light up.  There’s been no word on whether there are vworpy noises to go with it, but that should definitely be added to the designer’s to-do list if it hasn’t been done.  The DVD drive and the front USB ports are hidden behind the doors, with the option of more ports on the customizable and very computer-like back.

The detail on the exterior is phenomenal, right down to the door handles and the St. John’s logo.  The whole thing’s apparently quite heavy thanks to the aluminum and steel used to put it together.  The interior is up to you – you can choose from bigger or smaller (amounts of memory) on the inside, as well any other specifications you deem desirable.  In other words, you can either pay a large sum of money for this baby, or a smaller large sum of money.

Specifically what that large sum might be is for the moment unknown; in fact, we’re not even quite sure who the vendor will be, or even who made it!  Cue the “watch this space” cliche.

In the meantime, imagine just how awesome it would be to have a TARDIS computer with a separate TARDIS USB hub plugged into it!


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3 Responses to Relative Dimension in Cyberspace

  1. avatar brickit says:

    Saw this at the gadget show live on saturday, scan computers, that where the photo came from… Didn’t know a company can copyright a public building, as these police boxes are…

    • avatar alanbstardmp says:

      good point

    • avatar alanbstardmp says:

      AH! Maybe it’s because the BBC is publicly owned. like the police box, and not a private company. That may be why they can copyright it. A private company could not

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