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Published on April 23rd, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

More Time Machine Tales

Following our YouTube embedding of what Amy Pond actress Karen Gillan and head writer/exec producer Steven Moffat would do if they had time machines, here’s three more from the sterling team at BBC America!

Up first is Arthur Darvill, the face of Amy’s husband Rory, who would take a musical approach to owning a TARDIS…

Next, producer Marcus Wilson sounds a bit tired:

Series writer and Being Human creator Toby Whithouse easily has the best response.

Now that is something all of us who have seen it wish we could do!

Inevitably, we have to ask – what about yourself?  Let us know in the comment thread what you would do with your time machine, and then make BBC America happy by pasting your answer into a Twitter feed with the hashtag #IfIHadATimeMachine.  After that, read what you said to a camera and upload it to YouTube with the tag IfIHadATimeMachine.  And don’t forget to visit like these videos keep telling you to do!

(thanks to “Other” Rory Levine)


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