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Published on April 4th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Moffat Hints: Who’s Dead?

Reports indicate that Steven Moffat has revealed a key element of the Doctor Who Series 6 opener. Tied in with the release of 4 separate covers for Doctor Who Magazine, it seems that one of our heroes is set to die in The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon opening two parter!

So, get ready to wave goodbye to Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory (Arthur Darvill), River Song (Alex Kingston) or even… the Doctor himself?!

That’s right spoilerphobes, we broke it for you, because it’s set to be on the cover of DWM, to whom Steven Moffat has already spoken…

“We’re not lying, we’re not cheating. One of those four people is going to die.

“The Doctor’s darkest hour is coming. Shows like ‘Doctor Who’ should have big, colourful, memorable moments that make you go, ‘What the hell?’ Well, this is one of them.”

This is quite a big-hitting statement to make – although of course what we don’t know is which one of the four is going to breathe their last. We’re pretty confident, however, that it won’t be Rory. Not again, anyway.

Unless The Grand Moff is in fact homaging South Park with his stewardship of the show!

“It’s hard to create a shock in ‘Doctor Who’ when we’ve already blown up the universe a couple of times. What do you do next?

“When I came up with this incredible, heart-wrenching twist, I thought, ‘We kill off one of the leads in the season opener. Who’s going to stop watching at that point?’ It lures you in.”

It’s a pretty audacious statement, and to see it in action will bring an extra degree of intensity to the new series when it returns on Saturday, April 23rd!

(Via The List)


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3 Responses to Moffat Hints: Who’s Dead?

  1. avatar mrpaddy84 says:

    No-brainer, surely. It’s clearly going to be River. The other characters all appear in far too much of the trailer to be killed in the first episode (there’s also a quote somewhere from Neil Gaiman mentioning some dialogue between Rory and Amy). It’s blatently not the Doctor, as they’d just have to rename the show “Who?”. Plus DWM’s own tweet following this spoiler about “time being rewritten” – so clearly they’re overwriting the events of River’s first appearance and killing her some other way.

    If I’m wrong I’ll be back on the 24th to eat humble pie.. :)

  2. avatar Hyncharas says:

    In a really creepy way I think the title of this article says it all… ever since Flesh and Stone, the show has eluded to the fact that River Song; who we don’t even know her true identity yet, kills someone in the season.

    If Amy and River are one of the same, and the Eigth Doctor is indeed scheduled to appear, it’s possible that she kills him and corrupts the timeline as a result!

  3. avatar LiviaAshley says:

    Ok. This is how it is going down. Don’t read if you don’t want it spoiled for you.

    ——— SPOILERS!! ————

    Amy shoots River because River kills the Doctor.

    We left Paul McGann in San Francisco. The 8th doctor goes to Utah while fighting the time war against the Daleks. While in Utah, the 8th doctor meets the 11th doctor (haven’t had a multiple doctor since the 5 doctors unless you count Time Crash with Tennant and Davison).

    River somehow kills the 8th doctor and then Amy takes revenge and shoots River, but River survives. The 8th doctor then regenerates and becomes the 9th doctor and flies off to meet Rose Tyler after defeating the daleks.

    One of the daleks is injured and captured by Van Statten to be met by the 9th doctor and Rose in the future.

    River is Susan (the 1st doctor’s granddaughter). She has been angry at her grandfather for years since he abandoned her on earth. River said she went to prison for “killing a very good man”.

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