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Published on April 19th, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

Love & Monsters…

Marriage and trouble. A cynic would say they go well together (like a horse and carriage perhaps?) but factor in the very fate of the universe as well as: “why didn’t you do the washing up” and you could forgive Amy and Rory the odd tife.

Mrs Pond herself has been chatting to MTV News about whats in store for both Amy and Rory’s union this series as well as letting a little slip about what we have instore when the series returns this Saturday.

She added:

“It’s interesting to see the affect that marriage has had on all three of the main characters and also it helps define Amy’s relationship with The Doctor. Something’s going to happen to do with this marriage that’s going to change the course of everything in this series.

“It’s going to get quite dark. Everyone’s got a little secret from one another, which I think is quite interesting. Amy’s got a big one!”

However there’ll be no wooing of a certain Time Lord:

“Rory’s the one for her. Also, Amy with The Doctor – what would that even be like? She’s as mad as he is and they wind each other up so much… So I think they’re best off as best buds.”

Doctor Who will return with The Impossible Astronaut this Saturday at 6pm on BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US

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