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Published on April 6th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

It’s a Miracle Day in the Neighbourhood!

Lots of Torchwoody things to talk about today, and at the top of the agenda, LOOK AT THIS!

It’s the first promotional image featuring the full central cast (minus Bill Pullman’s child-killing Oswald Danes)!  From left to right: John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness (did I even have to say that?), Alexa Havins as Esther Drummond, Mekhi Phifer as Rex Matheson, and Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper (blimey, she looks different with her hair like that!)

Of course, I suppose that lo-res cast image is nothing compared to the new Series 4 poster from the BBC below!  It’s been up and around the ‘net for a few days now, but in case you’ve yet to see it, it features Captain Jack Harkness with a great big gun (nothing new then), a violet and orange backdrop of Los Angeles, and a new tagline: “Death is not an option.”  Click it to make it bigger:

Despite the fact that Torchwood: Miracle Day is a joint effort between the BBC and Starz, the two companies seem to prefer taking separate paths when it comes to the promotional campaign.  Take this poster and try comparing it with the one recently unveiled by Starz.  You can’t.

They’re completely different, right down to the logo.  This is likely due to the differences between the BBC One audience and the Starz audience – one group is spread across a whole continent, mostly new to the series, and paying more than your everyday Jack (see what I did there?) for TV, while the other group, confined to a smaller space, has been following the show for a few years on a prime, high-rated network, and won’t be fooled by seeing the words “A Starz Original Series.”

In related news, we’ve been hearing further promises that Miracle Day will be bigger, bolder, and better from the production/acting team.  Co-exec Julie Gardner has let slip that the budget for the season is three times what it was when Torchwood was a Wales-based show, and John Barrowman’s been talking about all the reasons he thinks that’s awesome:

“There is so much more we can do with Torchwood now having made the leap to America.  It’s going to be even bigger and better … the audience is going to need a forklift truck to pick their jaws off the ground.  The stunt work is unbelievable.  I used to do quite a lot of stunts except if it was jumping off of buildings but now I’m not allowed to because of the insurance policy.  I’m much more valuable in America! … We’re going to be bigger than cult, now it’s about world domination.”

And of course, where there’s Jack, there’s bound to be a bit of omnisexual romance in there somewhere:

“Jack will have his little dabblings and the audience will get exactly what they want.  And I had a lot of fun doing it!”

Doctor what?  Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres this summer on BBC One in the UK and specifically July 8th on Starz in the US!

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