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Published on April 25th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Gillan on Pond

Just like pretty much every other aspect of The Impossible Astronaut, Karen Gillan started off Series 6/Season 32 on top form!  In an interview with The Scotsman that took place during the filming of The Curse of the Black Spot (the episode after next), Karen confirmed what many Kasterborous readers and forumers have already suggested – that she’s taking a slightly different approach to her performance as Amy Pond this year:

“With the last series, I wanted to keep her guarded.  She doesn’t like to show her emotions because she wants to be strong.  But in this series, there are cracks starting to form in that exterior and we’re starting to see other aspects of her.

“Actually, in one episode we’ve just filmed, it was really difficult because it was about something I’ve never experienced before.  I didn’t feel as if I could relate to it because it’s never happened to me.  I had to go and talk to quite a few people so I could gauge how that would feel.  It was a massive thing that happens, and I can’t tell you what that was!”

Hmmm… something Karen’s never experienced before.  And something that several other people apparently can give advice about.  Is Amy going to have her baby soon?

Karen also told The Scotsman where she would steer the series if she had control of where and when each episode went, although the time period sounds a bit like the two-part opener already in progress…

“I always think I’d like to go back to the 1960s.  But that wouldn’t be very exciting for Doctor Who, because what would the monster be?”

Er… the Silence?

Watch Karen (and Matt, and Arthur, and Alex) in Day of the Moon, Saturday at 6PM on BBC One, 9/8c on BBC America, or 8/7c on Space.


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