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Published on April 26th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Alex: ‘I Was Not Expecting This!’

Alex Kingston, better known to many as Mrs. Robinson River Song, has suggested that she wasn’t initially prepared for the frequent reappearances her character’s been making since her introduction in 2008′s Silence in the Library.

The American-based British actress, whose eighth Doctor Who episode Day of the Moon will be broadcast this Saturday with two more currently in production, said that at first she believed her two-parter in Series 4 would be an isolated story and not the beginning of a much larger multi-season arc.

“When I first did Doctor Who with David Tennant, I wasn’t expecting that at all.  As far as I was concerned, it was just a two-episode story arc with me being held forever in a computer, or whatever.  But Steven [Moffat, head writer and exec producer] always intended that she would come back.”

However, the fact that Kingston was surprised by the importance of her character probably doesn’t mean that she’s dissatisfied with the likelihood of being stuck on Doctor Who for the next seventeen decades – rather, she seems quite pleased with the unique situation that River has found herself in…

“The really exciting journey for me, and for Steven, is backtracking.  The characters keep missing each other.  She’s like The Time Traveler’s Wife.  In this particular season, and certainly in the first two episodes, what you see is her knowing that she’s on the brink of the moment where the Doctor doesn’t know any more who she is.  And I think that’s just tragic, really.”

While River’s gradual realization of her fate sucks for her, it’s great for us, the viewers, who get to see her character develop.  No longer is she simply an imprisoned “Hello Sweetie!” shouter; she’s beginning to turn into someone we almost think we might kind of know.  And the more we know her, the more likely we are to care about her.  To you River-hating landlubbers out there – this is a good thing.

You can watch Alex Kingston alongside series irregulars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill in this Saturday’s Doctor Who – Day of the Moon – on BBC One at 6PM, BBC America at 9/8c, or Space at 8/7c!

(via Digital Spy)


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