Sheen Confirmed for Gaiman Episode

Neil Gaiman, fantasist, writer and owner of corkscrew hair, has confirmed that Frost/Nixon star Michael Sheen will be lending his voice to a character in the author’s Series 6 episode.

Responding to comments made by Sheen after students grilled him about the recent report that Manic Street Preachers bassist/lyricist Nicky Wire wants him to play Dylan Thomas if his fan fiction ever becomes TV reality during his visit to the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Gaiman tweeted:

“It’s true.”

Sheen is perhaps best know for inhabiting the skin of former Labour leader turned war criminal Tony Blair on no less than three occasions in Channel Four drama The Deal (featuring Jackson Lake himself David Morrissey as Gordon Brown), the Academy Award winning The Queen and the fittingly Anglo-American production The Special Relationship respectively.

Sheen has also tackled the lives of David Frost, Kenneth Williams, Brian Clough, H.G. Wells and Emperor Nero to name a few.

The news itself may be a little light in the facts department but there’s no doubting Sheen’s uncanny knack for getting under the skin of  real life figures- Some in fact might see it as a loss that he might not be playing someone who’ll showcase his this ability though everyone one else will be jumping for joy that another talented actor has joined the Who roster.

Gaimans episode- set to be fourth in the running- will also feature former Coronation Street star Suranne Jones as Idris and has already been called ‘a beautiful poem of an episode’ by Steven Moffat himself.

(via SFX)

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