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Published on March 31st, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

Series 6 Trailer Gallery

Well if you’re hankering after more Doctor Who Series 6 trailer goodness, other than watching the full 60 seconds again you might prefer to have a browse through our collection of screencaps!

We’ve been literally poring over the captures which – as you can see below – feature Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston and Hugh Bonneville and a few other guest actors and actresses from the first half of the 2011 series.

In fact there is so much going on that we’ve opted to record our thoughts rather than write them down…

There is a nice big space for your comments and thoughts below!


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

15 Responses to Series 6 Trailer Gallery

  1. avatar Carn says:

    series 5 the weakest? For me it was by far the best of the modern era so much so that i find the others almost impossible to watch cos the things I hate about them seem even more pronounced. The 9th Doctor’s series was the best out of the Davies era and series 3 was overall my least favorite by far despite having one of my favorite stories in it (Human Nature/Family of Blood) mainly due to a lot of what felt like filler episodes and the godawful Martha Jones and John Simm’s super-irritating Master (please, PLEASE can we have someone more in the vein of Delagdo next time) And goddamn I’m so happy that we no longer have all that soap opera feeling crap the Davies era had. For me series 5 felt like the initial stage of a new golden era and I hope series 6 fulfils the promise.

  2. avatar James McLean says:

    I guess it depends what you go for, which is why I’d never say any series of Doctor Who is “as Doctor Who should be”, I can only justify – as you have – why I feel series x isn’t as good as series y.

    For me, I liked Simm’s, I thought he was a brilliant take on the Master (though I shared your dislike when I first saw him in Utopia), and I really enjoyed the drama (Water of Mars is some of the best Doctor Who, period). Yes, there were personal clunkers – Planet of the Dead, Lazarus Experiment and Fear Her were a few I didn’t enjoy. But that is just me. Not suggesting any of that is “fact”. :-)

    We’re both earnest I’m sure. I can honestly say series 5 has had me at a point where I’ve not been THAT bothered about the show’s return, no excitement at all really – but this trailer has re-invigorated my interest considerably.

    So while I’m afraid you’ll probably have to suffer my dislike for Moffat’s first series in future Kasts, rest assured it’s not a blinkered opinion nor contrived – and I do try to be fair (I thought Vincent and the Doctor/Beast Below/Cold Blood were pretty fine stories)- I would have said there was little chance of me feeling excited about series 6, this trailer has proved me very wrong! I’m all for being wrong! And quite often, its a state happy to oblige its services!

  3. avatar TimeChaser says:

    To me, Series 1 was the weakest, and that might not be entirely fair since they were just getting started and working the bugs out, but I can’t really stand watching it again, save for Dalek, Empty Child/Doctor Dances, and the finale (though I still don’t get why the Doctor regenerates from such brief exposure to the TARDIS energy while Rose, who had it in her for a lot longer, had no ill effects. But then, I strongly dislike Rose anyway.) Series 5 did have some low points, mainly Hungry Earth/Cold Blood (it could have been much better), but it was far superior to either of the first two series.

    I think 3rd and 4th Series were the best for Tennant: better stories, much more consistent storytelling, better story arcs. Although I still have issues with pretty much every finale we’ve had so far, even The Big Bang, though I consider it the best finale.

    Frankly, Moffat’s been a breath of fresh air the series needed after five years of emo soap opera with the Doctor/Rose relationship.

    As for the trailer, I love it to pieces. I am curious as to why the 9/10 TARDIS interior is there, and it doesn’t necessarily mean its has to be the Doctor’s TARDIS. If that ball of energy is someone regenerating, it could be River, or someone else. I really try not to speculate or read rumors, I just wait to let the magic unfold on my TV. I certainly hope there is no Tennant cameo. I loved him, and he was a great Doctor, but it’s too soon into Matt’s run to go back like that. He’s gone, Matt’s here, Matt’s absolutely brilliant. I want the Tennant whiners to finally go away.

  4. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Oh, and about the beard: Looks to me like the Doctor’s captured in the opening story and held by the US government (maybe at Area 51?) as a dangerous alien. If they’ve had him chained to that one spot for weeks/months, he certainly isn’t going to have much opportunity to shave. People who complain about the beard aren’t really thinking this through. :P

  5. avatar 23skidoo says:

    Hey guys, is it possible for Who fans to actually discuss the upcoming season without derailing it with discussions over whether or not you liked the previous era of the series. I mean, if you want we can just ignore the trailer completely and bring in people who will tell us how Moffat and Davies’ eras were both pants compared to the Peter Bryant era. How about the Graham Williams era when the show changed into Dark Shadows? Or the John Nathan-Turner where god knows what happened to it? Or when it almost became a sitcom under Douglas Adams’ watch? “Emo soap opera” – feh. The numbers speak for themselves: Davies made people care about Doctor Who again, and brought in god knows how many new viewers. And he set a great foundation for Moffat to build on. End of story.

    Now as far as the trailer goes, there’s a lot of good stuff to discuss here. Is that Matt Smith in the clown makeup as some have suggested. What is Amy doing at the end – is she shooting somebody? We know that’s River talking about the Doctor knowing who she really is, but it’s a different woman’s voice speaking before that – perhaps this mysterious female character from Gaiman’s episode? Is the absence of Rory from most of the clips significant? These are the questions we should be discussing, not whether RTD did a good job or not during the period when DW was scoring its highest ratings ever.

  6. avatar ChrisL says:

    I am so sick of reading how person A “hates” Rose, or person B “hates” Martha… and the amount of vitriol aimed at poor RTD just beggars belief!

    Dr Who fans are without a doubt the biggest collection of “haters” I’ve ever come across.
    It would be so much more edifying to read about which parts of the series people actually like instead of all this negativity.
    Anyway, enough of that before I end up copying the very people I’ve just criticised.

    This trailer is certainly thought provoking and the inclusion of the ‘old’ Tardis has definitely served its purpose. The amount of traffic whipped up on twitter and ‘Who’ forums by one second of footage is astounding!
    I, for one, would welcome a cameo by either 9 or 10 but I feel this is unlikely. Far more likely is a sort of dream sequence with The Doctor remembering various past events.

    One thing I definitely hope for is that everybody who has put forward their own interpretation is way off the mark. The internet is great but the amount of spoilers prior to new series’ is getting tiresome now – I long for the good old days when every surprise was just that, a surprise.

    • I’m not sure I made it clear how much I liked the trailer.

      In fact as I said on Twitter:

      On first thought, I liked the trailer
      on second thoughts I LOVE the trailer!

      @ChrisL – there has been plenty of anger at Steven Moffat in the past 18 months as well, for “changing things too much” as one fan put it, so it’s certainly not one way traffic.

      Personally I have never met anyone who hates Rose – they merely dislike the girl she became rather than the much sweeter (although just as selfish) character we saw in 2005. A lot of people have commented that my observations about her development in Ultimate Regeneration pretty much mirror what they thought a few years on (although my thoughts were first written in 2006) so it does seem obvious that RTD possibly made her a little too annoying in the 2006 run that some fans were so glad to see the back of her that when she kept coming back some people took exception…

      I bet you something too: Moffat and Davies would rather be running a show that people get passionate about than one that no one cares about.

  7. avatar James McLean says:

    Seems a fair point Timechaser – I for one think it’s pretty cool to see the Doctor with a beard. For some reason my brain was beginning to think he couldn’t grow one.

    @23skidoo – I think the points you raise are precisely what I loved about the trailer. There was a lot of punches in there. I hadn’t noticed the absence of Rory per se, which is a mild worry given I think his role has really lifted the show.

    On the point you don’t really feel we should be discussing :-) I guess new beginnings make people a little reflective on what has come before, and perhaps make us consider what we hope for from the future. This trailer for me, hit all the marks of what I would want to see at this point in Doctor Who. Felt very different from this last series – and very different from the RTD era (which I am very fond of personally).

    Perhaps what I did enjoy a great deal was the feeling this new series won’t be so mindful to avoid the past as last series. The comment about having killed the Time Lords and the appearance previous console made me feel this series will embrace all that has been Doctor Who more than the last series did (which you’d be forgiven in thinking Tennant ever existed) without over-relying on past monsters/characters to sell it – the trailer felt confident and striding forward and that really makes me feel excited. Yes, I agree, lots of good stuff happening – and I’m very eager to see some resolution to River Song finally, and the trailer seems aware that viewers are expectant of some revelations and using that to pitch the new series. Good, good stuff.

  8. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Each ‘era’ has its highs and lows-even my personnel favourite, and the often quoted ‘golden period’, the Hinchcliffe years.There was Robots of Death but there was also Revenge of the Cybermen.And so it goes on.
    RTD and Mr M(as I like to call him) are no different.

    As for this trailer, well I am hyped. In terms of the look, it’s stunning-really there is no other word for it. They dont give anything away-non of the returning (or rumoured to be returning)’crowd pleasing’ elements are shown (we are aware of two already but neither where in the trailer)and I agree that I think that’s a sign of confidence in the finished product.I felt this yesterday when I first saw it. Bring it on. I will judge each story on it’s merit-not who is in charge, who’s fault was that or who should be lauded.
    I constantly kick myself everyday with all the stuff that’s keep’s happening (he say’s looking lovingly at my Styre action figure), the Shada novel(!!!!), Target reprints, HRH Tom Baker in BF and now this.What a great time this is.Enjoy it.

  9. avatar castellanspandrell says:

    “I am so sick of reading how person A “hates” Rose, or person B “hates” Martha… and the amount of vitriol aimed at poor RTD just beggars belief!

    Dr Who fans are without a doubt the biggest collection of “haters” I’ve ever come across.
    It would be so much more edifying to read about which parts of the series people actually like instead of all this negativity.”

    -Chris, I think you’re being a wee bit oversensitive, mate, though I take your main point.

    Admittedly, I don’t read other fan forums outside the one on Kasterborous, but I’ve heard that other sources tend to be highly vitriolic. If that’s true, and it’s aimed in a personal and hateful way at real people, then that’s bad. However, there’d be no point in relentless ‘squeeing’ and people only coming onto forums to say that everything’s terrific. It’d be bland and not very interesting, and also dishonest!

    Personally, I wasn’t entirely happy about the ending of Big Bang, to name one thing, but it doesn’t mean that I hate Steven Moffat – far from it. I’m also not sold on Amy yet, but I certainly have nothing against Karen Gillan personally. I can’t speak for anyone else, mind.

    That’s the peril of t’Internet, I guess – it’s easy to type the first thing we feel and then click ‘post’ without remembering that real people with feelings are writing, producing and acting Dr Who.

    I agree with your last point entirely – I don’t really want to know what will happen next; it’s fun surmising, but I keep telling myself I need to get out of here before someone spoils it – inadvertently or otherwise….

  10. avatar castellanspandrell says:

    …Incidentally, this trailer is a thing of wonder………

  11. avatar Lazarus77 says:

    To pull it back to the trailer discussion, has anyone considered that the shot of Rory in 9/10′s TARDIS console room is actually at the moment when 11 is being born and that somehow/for some reason Rory’s been sent there?

  12. avatar Hyncharas says:

    If the Kasterborous team will redirect their attention again to the trailer with the first shot of River, she it’s actually dancing in the strictest sense – she is engaged in a firefight in the Series 5 “evil TARDIS” with the Grays; visible briefly on her right side in the video.

    This might mean that it’s a TARDIS of their construction.

  13. avatar ChrisL says:

    Ok, one or two people seem to have misinterpreted what I’ve written and so perhaps I should try to explain myself better.

    (Please feel free to scroll down to the next person’s comments, this could go on a bit & get a tad self obsessed as I strive to explain)

    I was born in 1960 and have therefore lived through and contemporaneously watched the history of Dr Who unfold before me. However, to be fair, I don’t remember seeing any episodes prior to around 1966 but overall I’ve seen most of it ‘as it happened’.
    This of course is totally irrelevent, as many of you will have watched the episodes in retrospect, irrelevent that is except for the fact that Doctor Who has always been part of my longish life.

    Now then, I have loved every incarnation of The Doctor, (except Six), and will defend each and every era (except Six) because each of them had many great moments.
    Unfortunately I thought it started to get ‘silly’ around the time of the Sixth Doctor and I admit to stopping watching during his era and subsequently that of the 7th Doctor. I didn’t care much for The Movie at the time, although I appreciate it more nowadays.

    Thankfully, the reinvention of the saga by RTD was magnificent. I know it’s becoming fashionable to knock old Rusty and his vision of how The Doctor & his companions should be but I thought it was sensational. Except for the ridiculous Slitheen, and prepostorous, Absorbaloff I was completely entranced by Doctors 9 & 10.

    I’ll admit I have criticised Steven Moffatt’s desire to obliterate all that RTD had created but I would never criticize his writing. His stories are incredible! Changing the TARDIS (both inside & out), changing the logo, changing the theme, changing The Daleks and Cybermen, and then ultimately changing the entire history of the Universe, are fine and dandy in isolation, they’ve all happened before obviously – but to do all this and more within the space of one series was (for me) a touch too much.
    I’ve got used to it now but at the time it destroyed any feeling of continuity that previous regenerations had maintained.

    What I cannot understand is when people claim to ‘hate’ certain characters ( yes Christian it really does happen, it happens a lot). I’m sorry if I appear ‘over-sensitive’ but I just don’t get the antipathy to Rose and Martha. I thought Rose was a fabulous companion and watching her evolve from naive teenager into saviour of the universe was fascinating. Martha is currently the subject of much criticism in certain quarters, one blog even credited her with being the worst companion ever! Have they never seen Mel? But for me Martha’s story was very well written.
    As for the criticism of Simm’s Master, I am totally baffled. He was brilliant… wasn’t he? Or is it just me who enjoyed his interpretation?

    Anyway, this is dragging on now so I’ll stop. Suffice to say I meant no criticism of Steven Moffat in my defence of RTD’s era nor have I ever criticised Matt Smith’s Doctor (he is wonderful) I was merely mystified at the way many ‘fans’ on various forums want to constantly attack RTD, Rose, Martha & The Master. They are integral parts of the Who Universe and will always have a special place in this fans heart.

  14. avatar castellanspandrell says:

    I don’t think it was self-obsessive, Chris, I think it was a fair reply to explain yourself.

    (and I’d say the same to anyone reading this – best to move on now if you want to read a post that’s on the topic of the trailer!)

    I thought Rose was an excellent companion at the start, but tired of her later on. I didn’t find her story to be a believable character progression; she became far too omniscient in stories like Turn Left. Her neediness re: the Dr became irritating. I know this is a common opinion amongst a lot of fans, but I just felt the character became ruined a bit. She was like the perfect Who companion in the beginning.

    Martha was a breath of fresh air when she came along; she felt like an antidote to Rose at first. Again, I thought less of her when they brought her back later – a bit wet.

    Simm’s Master – I liked his portrayal. He brought out the genuine nastiness that lurks at the heart of that character; there were glimpses of it beneath the charming and witty exterior of the Delgado Master, and it was certainly evident in the hateful skeleton in Deadly Assassin. I felt it was an extension of the Master character, and in casting John Simm they had a match for the youngish and cool Tenth Dr, just as the urbane Pertwee Dr was well-matched by Delgado.

    But if/when the Master returns, I’d like to see a different approach again. There can be as many different facets to the Master as there are to the Dr.

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