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Published on March 1st, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Matt’s Experience

Oh look!  It’s jolly old Matt Smith, and he seems to have gotten his facts wrong!  The actor of the eleventh canonical interpretation of a certain eccentric and intriguing time traveller has recently made the news for calling said role “the greatest television part” in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (again), when in reality, being the Doctor is the greatest part in the world.  No, scratch that – the galaxy.  The universe.  The multiverse.  You get the drift.

Speaking at the grand opening of the Doctor Who Experience exhibition in London two Sundays ago, Matt commented:

“In my mind it’s the greatest television part in this country, and one that I really relish and enjoy doing. And I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful writer [Steven Moffat] behind me who makes it unpredictable and inventive, and really challenges what the show is about.”

Matt also suggested that his future self will look back on his past self and remind himself that he used to play the Doctor.  Who’d have thought?  He also implied that his job lets him go to things and do things and have fun with things.  So here’s the thing… does Matt overuse “thing”?

“Only this job affords you such rare opportunities, things like coming to the Doctor Who Experience. I’m aware it will only last while I’m doing Doctor Who and then I’ll forever be saying, ‘I used to be Doctor Who!’ It’s a wonderful thing and it’s something that I’m here to enjoy, because it’s a rare thing to get an acting job that allows you to come to a thing like this and walk around and have fun.”

Series 6 spoiler alert: the Doctor does things.

A slightly-related side note – remember the Auton Doctor?  Apparently Matt had his face covered in plaster for hours to make the dummy version of himself, breathing through straws conveniently shoved up his nose.  Read all about it, as well as everything else we just talked about, at


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3 Responses to Matt’s Experience

  1. Actually, it is you, dear boy, who have got ‘things’ wrong. There’s no such thing as the “United Kingdom of Great Britain”… It is the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

    So there! :P

  2. ;) Hey, don’t hurt the foreigner! Honestly, just because I’m from the United States of.

  3. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    Was the above quote taken from the interview that Matt Smith gave to OK! TV? Dire interview due to the ineptitude of their Matt Johnson. He kept interrupting our Matt, and is generally a bit of a git. I think I’d be reduced to gibbering ‘thing’ a lot in the circumstances. I forced my family to sit through nearly half an hour of drivel to watch the interview – which lasted about a minute, and was intercut by clips from A Christmas Carol, with virtually no coverage of the Doctor Who Experience. Bah!

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