Matt Smith’s Herbal Remedies

As writer Christopher Isherwood, Doctor Who star Matt Smith had to spend some time kissing his male co-star – and apparently despite succumbing to stubble rash it was the herbal cigarettes that really turned him off.

This Saturday evening on BBC 2 sees the premiere of Christopher and His Kind, which tells the story of the author’s voyage of self-discovery against a backdrop of Nazi-era Germany. Speaking to the Radio Times, Matt reveals that he once had to kiss former EastEnder and Blur collaborator Phil Daniels.

“In the first professional job I ever did at the Royal Court [Theatre in London], I played a 16-year-old gigolo. I had to kiss Phil Daniels. So it’s not my first,” he explains.

“I guess I’ve never taken it as far as Christopher does. It goes beyond kissing, shall we say,” he smiles. “It’s embarrassing having to get nude in front of 30 people on a film set. But it’s not the first time I’ve done that. You just try to be as truthful as you can be and jump in feet first.”

The real problem, however, came with smoking. After all, kissing doesn’t kill you, does it (unless you’re doing it really, REALLY badly…)

“Christopher smoked a lot. I was smoking all these herbal cigarettes and they’re the worst thing in the whole universe. But you just tell yourself that it’s not for ever and you get through it.”

Don’t forget to pickup this week’s Radio Times to read the full interview!

Christian Cawley

A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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