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Published on February 22nd, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Waterhouse On Big Finish

Hopeful news today for the (extra small) legion of fans hoping to see the resurrection of Adric in a Doctor Who drama – Matthew Waterhouse is scheduled to make his Big Finish debut!

While he won’t actually be reprising the role of Adric for this venture, nor will he be taking on any role within the confines of Big Finish’s Doctor Who range, this is a first step on the way to a potential return to the Whoniverse, which would thus make it all the more possible for Big Finish to produce a single story featuring every companion in Whostory (in our dreams, right?)!

Mr. Waterhouse will become a fellow named John Cunningham in a future installment to the Dark Shadows audio range entitled “The Creeping Fog.”  John meets Quentin Collins in a pub and then saves his life from a mysterious supernatural fog.  The two then decide to stay in a museum all night, apparently to hide from said fog and the “whispers” that come with it.

Writer Simon Guerrier:

“Big Finish wanted a spooky story that would work for long-time fans of Dark Shadows but also for those new to the series.  I watched several episodes featuring Quentin, and I really liked this gruff character who would rather drink brandy than fight ghosts and demons.  He’s a powerful figure and good for drama because we never quite know how he’ll react.

“John Cunningham is a total contrast to Quentin – timid, ordinary and eager to please.  I’m delighted Joe Lidster and James Goss convinced Matthew Waterhouse to make his Big Finish debut.”

First a book, then a convention, now a recording studio – seems Matthew Waterhouse is quite busy these days!

“The Creeping Fog” will be available this June.  For more information, check out the Big Finish website.


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  1. avatar Leosw4 says:

    ‘The Creeping Fog’-how apt a title.

    Anyways, MW deserves some recognition I supposse, although comes to me as a useful ‘name’ to refer to, when someone next takes a swipe at Amy or the sublime Ms Gillan.

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