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Published on February 13th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Troughton Bio in Autumn

2011 seems to be the year in which we learn the life stories of quite a variety of Doctor Who names.  Already slated for release in the coming months are Elisabeth Sladen’s autobiography and a not-so-auto-biography of credited Dalek designer Terry Nation. We can now inform you of plans for a new bio of the Second Doctor himself, Patrick Troughton!

Written by his son Michael, the book should cover Troughton’s days spent serving as a Royal Navy Commander during World War Two and his impressive acting career with numerous roles in film and TV, which of course includes three years on Who.

Publisher Tim Hirst indicated his and Michael Troughton’s excitement for the biography, suggesting that we Whovians are in for something wonderful:

“Michael’s research is comprehensive and meticulous and his enthusiasm for the project is contagious!  This book will be a real treat for Doctor Who fans.”

Patrick Troughton: The Biography of the Second Doctor Who will be a hardback book from Hirst Publishing, and is scheduled to come out in November.  Pre-order at the Hirst website for £19.99.

So who are you most anxious to read about?  Sarah Jane Smith actress Elisabeth Sladen, Dalek dude Terry Nation, or the Doctor who really defined the bow tie, Patrick Troughton?  Comment now or be dumped into a trash compactor full of Macra!

(via Gallifrey News Base)


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  1. avatar Maxtible Crust says:

    Absolutely all three, but I don’t think I’d be able to sit down quietly and actually read a real book any more. All my reading in recent years is done looking at web page sized snippets on a daily basis..I think I’m too internet addled to attempt it the traditional way…..sigh

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