The War Machines on Tweetview!

Tweetview time again! 2|Entertain’s ClassicDW have released a trailer for its up coming Tweetview 3 for the William Hartnell Doctor Who classic The War Machines which takes place this Saturday at 20:00 GMT.

Fans are able to simultaneously watch the serial and tweet in random interesting facts in a bid to out nerd and slay their fellow geeks with stinging witticisms. Previously Earthshock and The Horror of Fang Rock have also been dissected in this manner.

For those of you a little unfamiliar with The War Machines its basically what would happen if SkyNet was controlled by the Post Office… it features a machine call WOTAN (Will Operating Thought Analogue anagram fans!), a self-aware computer that is about to be linked up to its counterparts around the world and which decides that humans are in fact vermin and should be wiped out.

Building an army of like minded war machines WOTAN unleashes hell on the general public and more diabolically makes their post arrive late…

(via ClassicDW)


Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

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