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Published on February 14th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

The Finished Product #7

It’s been a few months since The Finished Product #6 came out, but Big Finish is finally releasing Issue Seven of its acclaimed fanzine!  This edition observes the audio tales of two notable characters from the Tom Baker era: Sarah Jane Smith and Davros (the former having actually emerged onto our screens during Jon Pertwee’s days, of course).

First on the agenda is the making of Big Finish’s Sarah Jane Smith Series Two (released in 2006), which featured the stories Buried Secrets, Snow Blind, Fatal Consequences, and Dreamland (where’ve we heard THAT name before?).  Those interviewed include writer David Bishop; producer John Ainsworth; voice talents Jez Fielder, Shaun Ley, and Nicholas Briggs; and sound designer Steve Foxon.

Next on the plate is a look at the famous I, Davros four-parter from 2006 that provided insight into the Dalek creators’ origins.  There’s a massive list of people who contributed to this feature in the fanzine: producer Gary Russell; Davros actor Terry Molloy; writers Gary Hopkins, James Parsons, Andrew Stirling-Brown, Lance Parkin, and Scott Alan Woodward; actors Sean Connolly, Sean Carlsen, Daniel Hogarth, Katarina Olsson, David Bickerstaff, and Rory Jennings (who played young Davros); designer Stuart Manning; and once again, sound designer Steve Foxon.  Look at all those names!  Look at what they’ve done to the tags on top of this article!  This promises to be a very in-depth portion of the issue and not one to be missed!

To top everything off, Nev Fountain talks about his Mervyn Stone Mysteries series of books, which doesn’t really have anything to do with Doctor Who at all aside from a quote of praise from David Tennant on the cover of each story.  Hey, if the Doctor likes it, it must be good!

For instructions on how to order or just general information about The Finished Product #7, point a few words in the direction of [email protected].


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