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Published on February 14th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley


Fifth Series Fever is being felt in France, where Doctor Who appreciation has been sweeping the nation!

Advertisers working for France 4 have revved up their promotional campaign and are hitting the streets with posters including the one at this bus stop photographed by our irreplaceable French news source Aurélie, and trailers (placed on YouTube by fan request) like the two below.

First: an entertaining segment featuring dancing Daleks chanting their iconic catchphrase “Exterminate!  Annihilate!  Destroy!” in plain English, and an appearance from something resembling one of Character Options’ Eleventh Doctor figures.

Second: a more general arrangement of clips from the actual show, with French dialogue.  Even for non-French-speakers, it’s hard not to get excited after watching this.  Particularly amusing is the speech of the French Daleks who really sound nothing like Daleks at all.

The first three episodes of Doctor Who’s thirty-first season premiered in France on Saturday night to an average of 453,000 viewers (a 2% audience share), not quite as high as the record broadcast for Waters of Mars which attained 504,000 viewers.

Here’s hoping the ratings build on a nevertheless strong showing and attract an even bigger French following by the end of the series!


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  1. I LOVE the dancing Daleks!

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