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Published on February 1st, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Series 6 Casting: Annabel Cleare

More faces seem to be popping up in the presumably climactic cliffhanger-filled Steven-Moffat-written Episode 777.  The latest to be announced: actress Annabel Cleare and her son, Henry!

Cleare tweeted the news herself:

“2011 off to slow start but things picking up now.  Henry & I got small parts in Doctor Who !”

You can read Cleare’s full list of previous roles, with video clips, on her website.  Her television appearances include two documentary-style programmes: JFK Revealed on Channel 5 in 2006 as Judith Campell, Kennedy’s mistress, and BBC Timewatch: The Real Atlantis in 2007 in which she played a Minoan snake goddess.  She also played a farmer’s wife in a McCain Home Fries commercial.  If that’s not Doctor Who material, then what in the name of Kamelion is?

Doctor Who returns for a thirty-second season within the next couple of months on BBC One.

Cleare’s Twitter account doesn’t have a massive quantity of followers.  Any Doctor Who actor/actress deserves more.  So go on, make her famous!  And then follow us as well!

(via Digital Spy)


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