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Published on February 16th, 2011 | by Andrew Reynolds

Match Gillan’s Look!

Fashionistas. Let it not be said that we at Kasterborous are not sartorially elegant. Why the Spring Edition of Kasterborous Lush, our brand new line of stylish and unsoiled clothing is set to hit the shelves soon – featuring Colin Baker underwear, Sontaran bobble hats and decadent Zygon Waistcoats – is nothing if not at the cutting edge of ideas the fashion world has yet to even conceive of.

So Fashionistas: when we speak,  you listen.

You too can match the sultry look of one Miss Karen Gillan for as little as £484! Okay, that’s not cheap but still you’ll look like Karen Gillan did once! People will love your/Gillan’s choices! You’ll be the perfect unthinking copy! You’ll add the effort to her effortless look!

The look you’ll capture will be a causal casual one – comprised of a pair of navy shorts, a Peach blouse complete with beige woven belt and black patent heels – that Gillan dazzled the red carpet at the Elle Style Awards and can be replicated by purchasing A|Wear Gold Button Shorts (£25), Oasis Nude Pink Pussybow Blouse (£35), Net-a-Porter Watercolour Silk Chiffon Blouse (£345), Fashion Union Scoop Neck Dipped Hem Blouse (£18), Grey Lace Up Brogue Shoe (£45), George at ASDA Lace Up Heels (£6), and a Debenhams Tan Woven Belt (£10)

Remember, when your getting all the attention, Kasterborous Lush!

(via Styleclone)


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