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Published on February 15th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Like David Tennant? Try David Manet!

Ever wonder what it’s like being a French voice actor dubbing over an English-speaking Doctor Who performer?  If you happen to understand French, now’s your chance to find out!

Our wonderful Whovian friends over at Beans on Toast have recorded a 44-minute interview with Belgian voice artist David Manet, who was responsible for speaking French on top of both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant during the course of the first four reboot seasons of Doctor Who, as a part of “la fin d’une ère” (the end of an era) that France is still recovering from. Remember that?  We English-speakers experienced it about 75 years ago now, or so it feels.

Beans on Toast’s brilliant Aurélie Demonchaux, who has been responsible for providing us our French-related news for a while now, was nice enough to translate a few highlights from the interview so we Anglophones can attempt to understand the mind of a man who’s exceptionally talented at lip-syncing.  Interestingly, it’s apparent that unlike his be-pinstriped counterpart Tennant, who enjoyed his run but decided to put a stop to it, Manet enjoyed his run and would have liked to have kept going:

Manet: …what I’ll remember the most is what a pleasure it has been.  I regret that I could not continue to dub Doctor Who, even if I think Marc [Weiss, voice of the Eleventh Doctor] is doing an excellent job, but I’d have continued – very gladly – for one more year of Doctor Who!
Beans On Toast: So you’re nostalgic of Doctor Who?
Manet: Yes, exactly.  It is one of my best dubbing memories and something I am very happy to have worked on.

For the full selection of English excerpts, check out the Beans on Toast forum.  There’s also a gallery of the interview that’s worth a peek.

This interview followed a previous one in 2009, the transcript for which can also be found, albeit entirely in French, at the Beans on Toast website.  A video reel of Manet’s work is on YouTube, where scenes featuring his Ninth and Tenth Doctor work sit at the front.  Pay close attention to how he pronounces “Kasterborous” in French; who knows, you may be able to impress a date with that sort of knowledge!

(photo by Marie Bynens)


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2 Responses to Like David Tennant? Try David Manet!

  1. avatar 23skidoo says:

    Does anyone know if they actually say “allonsy” in the French version, or does Manet shout out “let’s go!” in those scenes?

  2. avatar badwie says:

    He says “Allons-y” in French. See here

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