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Published on February 4th, 2011 | by Christian Cawley

David Walliams in Doctor Who

Is David Walliams about to guest star in Doctor Who? According to the man himself, yes he is!

Walliams – one half of the Lucas and Walliams double act who haven’t made a decent show since Rock Profiles for UK Play in the late 1990s – appeared on Radio 2 this morning and let slip that he would be appearing in the next series of our favourite show!

David Walliams has previous with Doctor Who, appearing in Big Finish’s Phantasmagoria (by Mark Gatiss) as well as the famous sketches on 1999′s Doctor Who Night (The Web of Caves, The Kidnappers and The Pitch of Fear, also alongside Gatiss).

It was the Chris Evans Breakfast Show (he who was once the husband of Rose Tyler actress Billie Piper) on which Walliams revealed the news when asked for the top three (initially five) franchises he would like to appear on…

- I’ve actually been offered a part in Doctor Who

- Would you like to be Doctor Who?

- I think… any actor wouldn’t turn that down.

- So that’s a yes.

- Yes.

- I won’t be cast now though!

- Why?

- Because they’re getting younger!

- They can get older again. He’s a Time Lord, it doesn’t matter! Are you gonna be in Doctor Who then, have you said yes?

- Yes, I’ve said yes…

- What’s your part?

- I don’t think I can reveal much… I’ll just say that I’m an alien…

- Have you filmed it already?

- No.

- When do you film it?

- In a few weeks.

- Soon?

- Yes.

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5 Responses to David Walliams in Doctor Who

  1. avatar Carn says:

    This year’s James Corden then. A desperately unfunny ‘comedian’ lucky enough to get a guest role in the best show on TV. tsk…

  2. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Carn totally agree.

    Do actually find Matt Lucas funny but usually when he is away from Walliams (he is also the stronger of the pairing IMO).I wonde if he will turn up in drag(again).

    That said The Lodger was my favourite episode of last season although I find with this type of thing that lightening does’nt strike twice.

  3. avatar iggy1965 says:

    I once saw David Walliams in play many years ago playing a psychopath he was too convincing he gave me the creeps many actors have performed straight roles the most famous one in Doctor Who was Jon Pertwee who prior to playing The Doctor was a comedy actor

  4. avatar Maxtible Crust says:

    Like him or loathe him I think it’s good for the show. He’s quite high profile at the minute and an appearance will generate interest in the media when it happens which helps put the programme in the spotlight.

    Personally I like him, as a comedian he’s no Frank Skinner or Paul Merton when it comes to comic wit, his thing is playing OTT grotesque characters so I’m sure they’ll have something suitable lined up for him hehe

  5. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    I don’t mind Walliams particularly, he’s a pretty decent actor. Come Fly With Me and Little Britain are total pants though. I’m cool as long as they don’t let him write anything!

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