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Published on February 13th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Big Finish’s Grand Finale

The end is near for the audio adventures of the Eighth Doctor and Lucie, and the story-creators at Big Finish are taking this opportunity to look back on what they’ve achieved.

Head over to the Big Finish website and you’ll find an exclusive, free-to-listen-to podcumentary about the making of the series.  Writer/director Barnaby Edwards (or as TV-Who-savvy people may know him, Dalek) and executive producer Nicholas Briggs (who has also been referred to as a Dalek from time to time) join Lucie Miller actress Sheridan Smith (not presently regarded as a Dalek) to discuss the series’ conception, writing, casting of Smith, and more.  As Big Finish suggests, the podcast aims to serve as both a nostalgic look back for faithful listeners and a worm on a fishing line to reel in new ones so they have a chance to listen to all the previous episodes right before the finale.

Speaking of the finale, it’ll be released in two parts, and there will be Daleks.  Lucie Miller is scheduled to come out later this month with To The Death following in March.  You can pre-order the CD versions of Parts One and Two for £11 each.


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