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Published on February 25th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Auton Doctor?

Remember that famous Doctor Who Experience concept image we sometimes include with our relevant articles featuring the Doctor and his TARDIS surrounded by all his incarnations’ costumes (yes, that one up there)?  We can officially show you a fragment of the real, non-concept, living version of that section of the much-anticipated Doctor Who exhibit!

Hold on – living?  An exhibit that’s alive?  We must be suggesting the existence of Autons.  And a gallery at Monsters and Critics certainly isn’t arguing with us.  While these 24 images are mostly just the same real-Matt-Smith-next-to-dummy-Matt-Smith over and over again with a few different camera angles and poses, it’s still pretty easy to notice that something’s not quite right with the statue version of the Doctor.  It seems to have a high potential of being controlled by the Nestene Consciousness, programmed to spring into motion just when attendance to the Experience reaches its peak.

We have to say though, it’s not a very good Auton.  What was going on with Matt Smith’s face the day the Nestene stole and copied him?  Or is this a glimpse at Matt Smith from the future, after he’s aged at least twelve years, and not taken off his costume?  Perhaps this is our first indication that Smith’s tenure as the best character ever will outlive even Tom Baker’s (and almost double it).

Here’s an identical link to the Monsters and Critics gallery; make sure you click on it if you want to be intrigued.  Or you can just go see the Matt Smith Auton yourself at the Doctor Who Experience exhibition in London, which has been open since last Sunday.


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