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Published on January 10th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Video: Jacqueline Hill Preview

Thanks to the new BBCClassicDoctorWho channel on YouTube, we now have a first look at 2entertain’s upcoming DVD release of the Tom Baker classic Meglos, which featured Jacqueline Hill, better known as original co-companion Barbara Wright, in a guest-starring role as Lexa, leader of the Deons of Tigella.

Embedded below is a sneak preview clip of Jacqueline Hill – A Life In Pictures, a bonus documentary that will be found in full on the Meglos DVD.  This fascinating excerpt provides insight to Jacqueline’s time off from acting while raising her kids, her difficulties as a middle-aged woman returning to the screen, and what it was like for her to work with Tom Baker instead of William Hartnell…

Fascinating!  A two-minute segment of a documentary can really reveal quite a bit about the life of an actress, can’t it?  See it in full with the Meglos DVD (and see the full list of extras), out today in the UK (available to order now from Amazon for just £12.99) and tomorrow in the US!


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