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Published on January 13th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Lance Parkin On Reprints

Our friends at the Doctor Who Reprint Society have published a fascinating interview with esteemed Who novelist Lance Parkin, author of such greats as Dying Days, Cold Fusion, Just War, The Infinity Doctors, and more recently The Eyeless.

The discussion includes Lance’s thoughts on the similarities between the books and the modern television series, which books he would like to see reprinted, and a definite answer as to whether or not the Eighth Doctor is the Doctor seen in The Infinity Doctors.

Revealed in this excerpt is the Parkin point of view on Doctor Who canon.

“There’s no ‘canon’ for Doctor Who, everything’s available for use.  Both new types of Daleks look more like ‘movie Daleks’ than anything from TV, and the movie Daleks look like the Daleks from the Annuals and comic strips.  Human Nature was hugely influential on Doctor Who for ten years before anyone pointed a camera at it, far more so than, say Galaxy 4 or Terminus.”

Now here’s a question for you.  Do you think Doctor Who has canon?  And if so, we’ll bring back memories of the Series 3 debates and ask which one’s correct – Human Nature for the Seventh Doctor or for the Tenth?  Or might they both be?

You’ll more intelligent discussion on Doctor Who novels if you read the full interview!


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