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Published on January 11th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Just Another Day In Whoville

Okay, this one was a long time coming.

The connection between Doctor Who and a bloke who called himself a Doctor and wrote about Who people was too much of a given… a picture like this one was bound to happen sooner or later!  This Seuss-Who combo was envisioned and illustrated by Bill Mudron, who appropriately titles this masterpiece The Cat in the Hat Came Back (Eventually).

So what’s the best bit?  The oversized-bow tie paying homage to The Cat in the Hat?  Rory as Thing 2?  Amy as Thing 1?  Prisoner Zero in a fish bowl?  Or the fact that the Doctor’s balancing on an Atraxi eyeball?

Here’s Mudron on why he did what he did:

“I read a recent criticism of the Moffat-era of Doctor Who being a glorified version of The Cat in the Hat, to which I couldn’t help but think…well….’duh’.”

Now really.  It’s easy to compare Moffat stuff to Seuss stuff, but to do so negatively like whoever wrote that criticism, you’d have to have the heart of a BBC One controller in the late 1980s.  Dr. Seuss stories are easily as brilliant for their ridiculousness as modern Doctor Who.

Now, we know the Doctor likes fish fingers and custard.  But does he like green eggs and ham?

(via Geeks of Doom)


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