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Published on January 15th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

David Tennant Pregnant!

Here we go, kids!  It will soon be a proven fact that the Doctor has a daughter!  Or perhaps a son.  Either way, he’s going to be a father!

Snaps of him in the Daily Mail show a clear baby bump protruding from his stomach as he casually walks down a busy London sidewalk in his scarf, Converse, and brainy specs with some blonde alongside him.  According to a source, the man who once flew to the desert in Dubai on a bus is believed to be five months pregnant.

We’ll keep you updated on all of David’s food cravings and nervous habits as he enters this decade as a daddy!

Ah!  Phone’s vibrating, hold on a sec-

Hullo?  Hi Christian!  Yes!  Right, I know.  Yes, I remembered to pick up the chicken broth.  Yes, and the plutonium.  <Sigh> What’s that?  Who?  Oh. Ohhhhhhhh.  Okay.  I’ll fix that.  Yes, right away!

We’ve just received word that we’re reporting this completely backwards… apparently it’s Tennant’s fiancé who’s with child, some girl named Georgia… ever heard of her?  We think she was in an episode of that one show, Doctor Who was it?  Yeah.  She played the main character’s daughter or something.

Just a minute – is the Doctor about to have a daughter by his daughter?!  That’s a bit… well… ew.

Time to be serious.  Admittedly, the Mail has stooped to the point of using that undefined “source” for this report.  It was probably the same source that the Sun used to dish the story.  In fact, we bet the Mail first heard the story in the Sun, and then contacted the Sun’s source to get some different quotes.

Normally we wouldn’t have you trust this report one bit.  But, looking at this picture from the Mail, it’s hard to deny the extra padding on Miss Moffett’s belly.  Perhaps she’s simply been drinking too much beer these days?

Assuming this whole story isn’t a total media conspiracy, congratulations to them both!


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