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Published on January 4th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

David Tennant Engaged?

Congratulations, fangirls, your attempts to woo David Tennant have failed!  Or have they?

According to a highly intelligent report from a ‘source’ whose name begins with ‘S’ and rhymes with ‘Nun,’ the Doctor is going to marry his daughter!  Well, the Fifth Doctor’s daughter.  Weeell, Peter Davison’s.  Weeell, Peter Davison’s AND Steven Moffat’s.  Or so her name would make it seem.

In case you’ve forgotten Series 4 completely, Georgia Moffett, the lady in question who has in fact been Tennant’s girlfriend for a while now, originally appeared as the Doctor’s daughter in The Doctor’s Daughter, in which the Doctor meets his daughter.  I know!  Who’d have thought?  Moffett also contributed her voice to the 2009 animated serial Dreamland, and even made the cover of last September’s Fish Fingers and Custard!

Whether Tennant and Moffett are so “besotted” (as The Sun writes) with each other that they’re officially planning to tie the not on New Year’s Day 2012 really depends on how much you trust the thought-provoking and in-depth coverage you’ll find in tabloid newspapers.  If Tennant were really about to be engaged, private as he usually is with such matters, do you really he’d want to make sure The Sun is the the first of the press to know?  Then again, maybe The Sun had an accurate source for once.  There’s really no way of knowing.

Ironically, Tennant himself supposedly made a statement that found itself in a different article in The Sun that we’re now going to take completely out of context (hey, they probably did too!) to prove our point:

“…everybody tells you things that they’re not supposed to – and you’re not quite sure what’s true and what isn’t.”

And that sums up The Sun right there.  If you want to know if he’s really engaged, keep an eye out for an announcement on a reliable news source.  Again pointing out how Tennant likes to keep his private life private, you probably won’t hear about it until he’s already married.



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