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Published on January 18th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Calling All Comic Artists!

Have you ever dreamt of being a regular, recognized webcomic artist?  Have we got a deal for you!  Well, not us per say… but the Doctor Who Reprint Society sure does!

As part of their campaign to raise awareness of and gain interest in Doctor Who reprints, Alasdair Shaw and the team at the DWRS are developing a regular web comic called In Print, designed to reveal the funny side of Doctor Who TV-novel connections.  Having read the first couple of scripts, we can tell you that it’s quite a fantastic project that they’re working on, and definitely something worth being involved in if you have the time and the talent.

Each comic follows a simple three-panel format, so it doesn’t sound terribly difficult (at least to someone like me with absolutely no comic-making experience).  If you’re interested in the post, which as far as we know is on an unpaid, volunteer basis, send an email to Alasdair at

If you’d like to get a feel for what you’d be in for before you throw your hat in the ring, Al has graciously granted us permission to post the first two scripts of In Print on our forum.  If you’re not interested in making comics, please refrain from clicking that link, as you may be spoiling yourself from fully appreciating the finished product, which we will definitely be linking to here at Kasterborous!


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