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Published on January 12th, 2011 | by Patrick Riley

Blue Box #3

Good news: the third issue in the Blue Box trilogy of fanzines has arrived!  Featured in the issue:

Finding Fandom by Jez Strickley
Fan Fiction ‘The Prison Hiss’ by Robin Bell
More Films for Who Fans by Ian Wheeler
Interview with The Doctor Who Reprint Society
For the Love of Who by Grant Bull
Target Book Review by David MacGowan
Spearhead from Space Revisited by Richard Farrell
Doctor Who The Adventure Games Reviewed by Willaim JP Turner

Of course, you probably haven’t even read this far because you’ve been so mesmerised by that cover.  There’s no denying that artist J.F. Wilson sure knows how to make Amy (and a bunch of other stuff) look gorgeous!

Bittersweet news: this may be the last Blue Box for a while, as editor Grant Bull has been offered a post as man-in-charge of Celestial Toyroom, the long-running magazine operated by the one, the only Doctor Who Appreciation Society.  We wish Grant the best of luck on the exciting task he has ahead of him!

If you want Blue Box #3, send a gift via PayPal to, and make sure you provide a rendezvous mailbox for you and your fanzine to meet!  £1.50 UK, £2.50 outside the UK.

For more information, point an email at the aforementioned address, or have a look at the Blue Box blog.


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