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Published on December 30th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

The Top 10 New Series One-Liners

Carrying on with our fun series of list articles this week, we’ve compiled a top 10 of the best quotes and one-liners in Doctor Who since 2005.

Featuring examples from the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, Captain Jack Harkness and the Ood, this was a very difficult list to narrow down to just 10 entries – thanks in no small part to the number of comedy writers that have worked on Doctor Who since the series returned.

And keeping things seasonal, we kick off with this lovely little quote from a previous Christmas special…

10. Hold on… Sorry, that’s The Lion King!

Tenth Doctor, The Christmas Invasion

9. The Beast and his armies will rise from the pit to make war against God.

Ood, The Impossible Planet

8. Right, this isn’t going to be big on dignity!

Eleventh Doctor, The Beast Below

7. Ladies… your viewing figures just went up.

Captain Jack Harkness, Bad Wolf

6. I made him say comfy chairs.

Eleventh Doctor, Flesh and Stone

5. It’s a fez, I wear a fez now; fezzes are cool.

Eleventh Doctor, The Big Bang

4. You are the best, you know why? Cause you’re so thick! You’re Mister Thick Thickitey Thick-face from Thicktown, Thickania. And so is your Dad!

Tenth Doctor, The Girl in the Fireplace

3. Look at me, I’m wearing a vegetable!

Tenth Doctor, Time Crash

2. Could you hold, I need to eat a biscuit!

Eleventh Doctor, The Lodger

1. The Doctor.  Doctor.  Fun.

Tenth Doctor, The Waters of Mars

Of course, the big question is: did we miss any?


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  1. avatar Rick says:

    Too many good ones to choose from!

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