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Published on December 16th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Desert Conspiracies

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith has been chatting with the press lately, and while no there’s really no new information to announce, he has discussed his experience filming in the desert areas of Utah in more detail:

“I think it’s going to elevate the show and make it grand, epic and vast.  It’s just brilliant to see Doctor Who in a foreign land. I know we see that every week, but there’s no mistaking [those locations].  This ain’t a set, these are the actual rocks of the Earth, and boy, does it look good for it!”

Matt does raise a good point – that location filming such as the American shoot for the upcoming Series 6 premiere or the trip to Dubai during production of the Tennant story Planet of the Dead adds a new layer of realism to the show.  We genuinely feel like the Doctor has journeyed to some faraway brilliant landscape, rather than bumbled into a video game to stop Bowser’s oppressions on the citizens of Mario Land and save the Princess.

In addition to once again praising Moffat’s mysterious new “better-than-the-Weeping-Angels” monster, the Doctor actor also teased that we’re all going to have a lot of typing to do this spring when Who premieres:

“I think the forums will be awash with conspiracy theories.  [The fans] are going to have a lot to talk about.”

Conspiracy theories, a new better monster, and a two-part opener… What’s not to be excited about?  Doctor Who returns for its 32nd season this Spring, but not before A Christmas Carol airs Christmas day on BBC One at 6PM!

(via Digital Spy)


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