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Published on November 15th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

The MiniDalek Paradigm

What’s your Dalek?  Are you the orange know-it-all, the blue one with all the plans, the red ladies’ man, the white supremacist (really Mr. Moffat, did you think we wouldn’t notice?), or the yellow one with the best name?  In other words, would you rather have the Scientist, the Strategist, the Drone, the Supreme, or the Eternal?

Heck, why take just one when you can collect them all?  Now available for pre-order from Forbidden Planet, it’s the New Dalek Paradigm!  Order now and you can get ‘em for £8.99 each (RRP £9.99)!  An excellent stocking stuffer if you’ve got five children and each carries one of the personality traits mentioned above (keep an eye on the kid who gets the Supreme).  You could also hold on to them for a bit and then surprise your wife on her birthday!  She’ll be thrilled to have a whole rainbow of new friends who want to exterminate her!  Or if you’re a collector and want an army that’s not a bag of Skittles to attack your levitating TARDIS, what could be more Dalek than, well, Daleks?

Whatever your reason for purchasing new Dalek figures, you’d better do it soon if you want to save a pound; they’re expected to arrive at Forbidden Planet’s secret base on 26 November!  Here’s the links: Orange; Blue; Red; White; Yellow.


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