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Published on November 9th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

TARDIS Tea Party

This year’s Children in Need event for Doctor Who will be more than just a Christmas sneak peek… we’ll also be getting a special introduction from the Doctor and Amy!

According to a Children in Need 2010 TV listing,

“The Doctor and Amy throw a tea party in the TARDIS and serve up a sneak peek at the Doctor Who Christmas special.”

Who wouldn’t love few bonus moments with the Doctor and Amy in the TARDIS, especially after the two “Meanwhile” clips found on the recently-released 5th Series DVD?  This and the sneak peek itself is at least something to look forward to for those of us who cant abhor the idea of waiting till Christmas for more Doctor Who.  Can you honestly say you didn’t/don’t have a quick look or two at the presents under your tree prior to the December 25ths of your youth/current age?

The kickoff for Children in Need is November 19th (that’s a Friday if you’re not counting down to the Harry Potter movie like this writer) on BBC One at 7PM.

(Via Doctor Who TV)


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