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Published on November 18th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Matt’s Inspirations

Matt Smith has by now sunk his teeth firmly into the role of the Doctor, so much that the Doctor’s teeth are, figuratively speaking, sinking back into him!

Speaking to SFX, Smith said,

“When I’m getting stressed about something, about a phone call or e-mail or whatever, I… try and be more like [the Doctor].  He always gives people a chance.  And I really have learnt a lot about myself from playing him, because when you spend time with someone who’s so good, [you start] thinking in those patterns and those ways.”

How many actors can say that about their roles?

Smith also gave his usual praise to Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat:

“I definitely feel as though he’s writing more and more for me.  Which is really rewarding, to have a writer of that calibre writing for you. The rapidity and the craft with which he produces these scripts is quite heroic, I think.”

Matt, with a name like The Grand Moff (yes, that’s what his mother called him), how can you call Steven a hero?  He’s more of a villain that we all happen to love.

Doctor Who’s back this 25 December with A Christmas Carol, followed by a spring premiere for Series 6 (Season 32), which is filming in the US as we speak!

(Via Digital Spy)


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