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Published on November 4th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

DW Live: Behind the Lights

If there are any lighting professionals or enthusiasts in the audience today, this one’s for you.

Have you ever wondered about what that mysterious force is that allows us to see Doctor Who Live once we’re sitting comfortably in our seats?  The short answer is lights.  The long answer includes the following models… get ready for this… Thomas Pixel PAR 90, GLP Impression, Chroma Q Color Block DB 4, Martin MAC III, MAC 2000 Wash, VL 3000 Spot, VL 3500 Wash, Lycian 1290 spots, Lycian M2 spots, and Thomas 8 Lights.  Not to mention, in the words of Lighting&Sound International‘s Jim Evans, “a large array of truss and cable.”

Overwhelmed by jargon?  So are we… but we can tell you that the first three products on the above list take the environment into account; in fact, Doctor Who Live used almost 100 light fixtures that are green (in eco-terms, not necessarily colour)!  Thanks to this, less energy is used and the stage doesn’t become so unbearably hot, which is excellent news for all those blokes sitting inside Daleks.

The whole setup was made possible by the show’s lighting designer, Mark Cunniffe, as well as the operator, Marcus Robinson, and Roy Hunt and his lighting crew of James “Jam” Such and Joe Simpson.

There’s still time to see the fruits of the labours of these fine men and everyone else behind Doctor Who Live if you live in Belfast; the final three performances are on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend!  Get yer tickets at Ticketmaster!


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